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 by by Team Melin

Recently, we’ve been recapping on the highlights of our latest brochure and the services we offer. We’ve already looked at SAP compliance and sustainability and energy statements; next, we take a look at the Code for Sustainable Homes.

What is Code for Sustainable Homes?

Launched in 2007, the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is an environmental assessment method that's used to rate and certify the performance of new homes.  In short, the Code aims to reduce carbon emissions by setting a national standard for builders to create homes that are more sustainable.

It’s worth noting that whilst it was developed by BRE Global, the Code for Sustainable Homes is a government standard; BRE Global merely act as the advisors on the technical issues that relate to this standard.

What does the Code measure?

The Code assesses a range of things that are separated into various categories of sustainability. These are then collated in order to rate the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. Using a 1 to 6 star-rating system, an assessor will communicate the overall sustainability performance of the build. The Code also sets out a minimum standard for energy and water use for each of these levels.  

How we can help: 

We have lots of experience when it comes to providing clients with Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments. Whether you’re a multi-national house builder or working on a self-build project of one plot, if CSH is a planning condition, we can help.

Code for Sustainable Homes - How we can help

Our highly trained assessors will use their extensive background in sustainable construction practices to discuss your needs and tailor an assessment to meet them. From the pre-assessment meeting onwards we’ll be on hand throughout the process, providing an interim assessment and certificate, final site inspection, post-construction assessment and certificate.

If you want to find out more about our services, get in touch today.




Melin Consultants Team
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