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 by by Team Melin

Whilst we’re known for being accredited BREEAM assessors, we’re also proud to offer a full range of sustainable assessment and testing services to our clients.

If you’ve ordered a copy of our brochure, you’ll have noticed that we offer an in-depth exploration of some of the ways we've helped our clients achieve compliance and improve the sustainability of their buildings, both residential and commercial.

We thought it was worth looking at some of this information in a series of blogs. We’ve already looked at SAP compliance, and next up is Sustainability Statements!

What are sustainability statements?

Sustainability Statements, also known as Energy Statements, have become a common requirement of the UK’s planning legislation. These statements are detailed and bespoke reports that ensure a more successful planning application. In a nutshell, a sustainability statement is a report that effectively demonstrates how a scheme will address the core policies that have been set out by your local council.

What’s the purpose of a sustainability statement?

Sustainability statements can help you to secure a higher standard of sustainable development. With that being said, it’s important that any report you commission is specifically targeted and tailored to your local planning authority. A generic report is pointless and will provide no value, it also runs the risk of resulting in a refusal from your planning authority.

How we can help

Whether it’s a 20% contribution of renewables or a 40% improvement over current Part L, finding the planning policy that applies to your development is a tricky process that’s best left to the experts. Our experienced sustainability consultants will ensure that the right report is written... however complicated it might appear! We’ll also help you to understand the process so you know exactly what’s expected of you.

If the area’s planning requirements are unclear, we are more than happy to contact the planners on your behalf to seek clarification. To ensure an accurate energy statement, SAP calculations are required to be completed. We understand this can be frustrating since a detailed design at the planning stage is probably the last thing you’ll want.

Of course, requirements will differ from region to region but we have extensive knowledge in all types of planning policy as we work all over the UK. This means that we can deliver bespoke statements that will ensure a successful planning application, wherever your project is based.

If you’d like to talk to us about a sustainability statement, get in touch today.




Melin Consultants Team
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