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 by by Jamie Best

When we undertake SAP calculations for our clients, we’re obviously very aware of the various alternative and renewable energy technologies that are available.

Having worked on projects like Solcer House, Britain’s first ‘energy-positive’ house, we like to keep on top of the latest trends in sustainable energy solutions, like the Tesla Powerwall home battery. So we were interested to see this new ‘spin’ on photovoltaic solar energy.

v3spin cells

The v3spin cell

The technique of harnessing solar energy for domestic or social use hasn’t changed for quite some time. I’m sure everyone has seen the pictures of large solar farms with their rows of giant panels.

A new PV concept has been developed in a collaboration between v3solar and nectar design that could change the face of solar energy.

The v3spin not only looks stylish but it also claims to be capable of generating over 20 times more electricity than a flat panel with the same area of PV cells. This is due to a combination of concentrating lenses, spinning movement, conical shape and electronic technology.

v3spin cells

How does it work?

A layer of hundreds of triangular photovoltaic cells is encased in a ‘static hermetically-sealed outer lens concentrator’ and sit at a 56-degree angle. Using a small amount of its own solar power, a maglev system spins the cone. This reduces noise and any regular maintenance.

Maximising space

The cones take up a lot less space than a large PV panel but the designers have optimised their use of space even further with a ‘power pole’. This can hold 10 spin cells, positioned with mathematical precision so that no spin cell will cast its shadow on another.

v3spin cells power pole

It can’t be denied that the v3spin looks stylish and while its claims are still being questioned in some corners, it’s always good to see advancements being made in the effectiveness of any sustainable energy solution. It's especially topical in light of the recent London Plan zero carbon incentive and could have a positive impact on anyone seeking energy performance certificates.

You never know, maybe we’ll start to see these spinning cones on sustainable buildings in the near future.

Images from v3solar




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