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Greenwich Communities, Waunfach Street, Caerphilly

Greenwich Communities, Waunfach Street, Caerphilly

The Building

The existing Ambulance Station on Waunfach Street in Caerphilly was demolished to make way for the construction of seven new-build two-bed houses and two new-build three-bed houses through United Welsh Housing Association and Greenwich Communities.

One of the 3 bed units was adapted for the tenants' needs with additional items to make the garden and washing line accessible to the whole family.

The Results

Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3

The Project

This project, despite not being headline grabbing or ‘multi award winning’, is actually typical of the many other projects that we at Melin get involved with on a daily basis and just as worthy of a case study.

Whilst we are rightly proud to be associated with ‘iconic’ new buildings that are justifiably given the highest of accolades, it’s always worth recognising projects like Waunfach Street.

The majority of our work is spent on projects similar to this one, which are governed by tight build budgets, exacting client requirements and high expectations by the eventual users.

The Solutions

In that respect, Waunfach Street was exactly what we at Melin are great at delivering. Clearly understanding the needs of our clients and providing numerous solutions allows all members of the design and construction teams to make better informed choices.

In this instance we explored various ways of improving the building fabric without affecting the build cost and provided the contractor with a number of different options. This in turn allowed greater flexibility, providing more scope for Code credits in the Energy category.

It may not be ground-breaking, but this project reflects precisely the way that we at Melin have fine-tuned our approach to clients, providing solutions not problems.

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