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Professional development is no longer just a requirement to satisfy professional bodies. Many in the construction sector see them as a valuable way of getting knowledge from recognised industry experts at a time when it suits them.

As a building consultancy specialising in Part L of the Building Regulations and sustainable development Melin are pleased to offer a range of CPD seminars and workshops aimed at clients who require a better understanding of sustainable design, compliance and assessment. The content is delivered in a simple, concise format with emphasis on facts and solutions. The presenters have a wealth of experience in the topics delivered and very much believe in practicing what they preach and are delivered free of charge in most cases (that's why they all still have 'normal' jobs in their specialist field!).

So where's the catch? There isn't one really. The reason we offer the seminar at no cost is easy. They are a good source of information for clients and give us the opportunity to demonstration our expert technical knowledge. And who knows you may just like what you see and use Melin on future schemes!

For more information on the seminar we offer please download our seminar agenda or get in touch with us via phone or e-mail.

Seminar Agenda - Melin Consulants

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