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Our sustainable construction services

As a building consultancy specialising in Part L of the Building Regulations and sustainability assessing of new buildings our technicians are qualified and accredited to issue certification in all the following fields:


Having a narrow specialism has its benefits. Most notably is that we live and breathe BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes day in day out. We understand the frustration of constantly changing legislation and this is why we take the pressure off our clients and do what we are being paid for...providing a solution with minimum fuss.

With all technical staff having a background in construction design we are very aware of what works or not. Unlike many other providers we are not there just to gather evidence. From the pre-assessment right through to certification we will guide, explain, provide and deliver when you need it most.

BREEAM Assessment

Code for Sustainable Homes


Being BINDT registered gives you the assurance that all our 'on-site' services for air leakage testing and thermographic surveys have been carried out to the highest possible standard by qualified engineers.

It doesn't just start there though. Typically our involvement is from the early design and construction phases with assistance on the design detailing and pre-testing audits. All this at no additional cost is why clients use us every time.

Air Leakage Testing

  • Leakage Diagnosis
  • Thermographic Surveys


Applying expert understanding to SAP and SBEM calculations is the core services the company was originally founded on. Having completed thousands of calculations over the years we believe gives us the edge over competitors. Certainly it is the case that the more you do something the better you become and we have been able to provide a workable solution for every client on every project. Without fail.




  • Thermal Modelling
  • 'U' Value Calculations


From daylighting calculations to renewable feasibility studies, energy statements to thermal modelling, suncasting to solar gain indicators our complimentary services support our core services with the same professional approach.

  • Daylighting Calculations
  • LZC Feasibility
  • Energy Statements
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Condensation Risk
  • Thermal Bridging Calculations
  • Solar Gain Indicators

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Contact Melin Consulants, Offices in Bristol and Llanelli

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